I think the common perception of people living here in the Midwest or flyover country as coasties like to refer to it, is we are a bunch of uneducated, simple-minded, slowing-moving, uncultured folk. This part of the country has been labeled as being packed full of lots of farmers, lots of open space, not much, if any diversity, and completely devoid of any fast-talking, well-read, slick, sophisticated city types.

Let's face it, the movie "Fargo" didn't do this region of the nation any favors, right?

Anyone living in this part of the country knows that perception is a huge misconception.

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Actually, according to a study on speech rates that was done recently by the language learning app website known as Preply, finds the midwest region of the U.S. is filled full of states that have some of the fastest-talking people in the nation.

So what, now we're expected to believe that states like South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska are mostly populated with a bunch of auctioneers, and smooth-talking, fast-talking car salesmen? No, that is not the case. We simply have a population base that is considered to speak much faster than other people in different regions of the country.

For example, according to Preply, the fastest-talking state in the nation is nonother than Minnesota. Who knew the Land of 10,000 Lakes was filled full of people who could talk a mile a minute? See the perception the movie Fargo gave us of people living in the Upper Midwest is a tub of crap!

Supposedly, the average Minnesotan speaks 5.34 syllables per second. People in Iowa and Kansas aren't too far behind at 5.30 syllables per second.

North Dakotans rank #5 on Preply's list of fast-talkers at 5.29 syllables per second, and we South Dakotans have the ability to talk a blue streak as well. The residents of the Rushmore State rank #8 on the nation's fast-talkers list at 5.27 syllables per second.

When it comes to fast-talking cities, Sioux Falls is one of the fastest in the nation...

Preply's findings show the city of Sioux Falls ranks third in the country with an average speech rate of 5.34 syllables per second.

While South Dakota might be filled with a bunch of fast-talkers, oddly enough, we're one of the least talkative states in the entire country. We rank #6 on Preply's list of least talkative states.

So basically by the looks of it, we South Dakotans don't have a whole lot to say most days, but when we do talk, we speak fast! So you better pay attention.

Source: Preply

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