I have always had the philosophy that good, smart companies can make money hand-over-fist and still treat their employees well. What is my proof? There are so many examples, but specifically let's look at Google, because everyone is familiar with them.

Google's employee-friendly environment is fairly famous; free food at multiple restaurants on the campus, free shuttle to and from work, office dogs, gyms, extremely generous maternity and paternity leave, and death benefits (not just from life insurance) like you wouldn't believe!

Now more and more companies are beginning to offer perks that boost morale and creativity. Offerings from laser tag and ping-pong to group outings like barbecues and fishing trips are being added at many companies around the world.

Seth Eisen who is a senior business leader at Mastercard sums it up this way:

At the end of the day, it's about helping to encourage dialogue and collaboratjion. . ."

Lindsey Pollak, another workplace expert says that this new trend is the re-invention of the company softball team, but kicked up a couple of notches for the 2000s. She does say that management shouldn't create a "false sense of fun" because all the perks in the world won't make up for good management.

Information from TodayMoney was used in this article.

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