Every time I get a bad cold or the flu, the first thing I do (besides stocking up on Kleenex) is buy 6 to 8 of those single serving cups of spicy chicken, beef and shrimp ramen. I then make them for lunch and dinner for three or four days until the sodium content raises my blood pressure unreasonably.

I know this sounds weird and when a lot of my friends (one in particular) hear this, they make gagging noises and utter the phrase, "I lived on that in college and wouldn't eat it ever again!" To me, in college and out it was and is more of a comfort food. Besides the hot spicy stuff really opens up your sinuses!

The reason I bring all this up is that a new ramen noodle restaurant, Ramen Fuji, is going to be opening in October at 2300 S. Minnesota Avenue, (by Einstein Bros. Bagels and Caribou Coffee) and I for one am excited. But any ramen lover should be warned. This isn't going to be the stuff you ate in college or the crunchy ramen you make that great chicken salad with.

This is real ramen made with low and slow, long-cooked broth and yes- -noodles. You'll be able to choose from multiple toppings for your ramen and they'll also offer rice entrees, as well as Japanese-style curry offerings and appetizers.

For more information, see Ramen Fuji's Facebook page.

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