Bye, bye Jethro Burger. One of the best dive bars in the city is closing this week. Little Coalinga on Indiana Street in Downtown Sioux Falls will close its doors this Saturday. Food will be served through Friday.

Little Coalinga was a great place to hang out after work. I used to have a part time job down the street (collecting on credit cards), so I needed a stiff drink once in awhile after work. I watched Kerri Strug nail her vault routine on one leg during the 1996 Summer Olympics at the Coalinga. I'm pretty sure we drank to that.

Wednesday's were always a good night to go to the Coalinga. It was "Buy One Burger, Get One Free" night. If you wanted great tasting, greasy bar food, Coalinga was the place to go. And, I use the word "greasy" in the best possible way. It's not a bad thing.

I'll miss the atmosphere. I'll miss listening to classic rock songs on the jukebox and playing darts.

According to the Argus Leader, the bar and kitchen have been sold and the new owner intends to open another bar.

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