After Tuesday’s election results, a plethora of people have made accusations that they now want to leave the country. In fact, there were so many Americans that googled “how to move to Canada” that it actually crashed the official Canadian immigration website. Well, one Swedish man is making an offer that can get you that easy way out, if you please.

A gentleman named Gustav Hallen, 30, of Stockholm has the recipe for success. He actually put himself up for sale on eBay. How much is he hoping to get for himself? A mere $50,000.

According to CNN, Hallen’s listing stated “US just become the land of the free to leave. Why not move to a better place? Like Sweden.”

Hallen definitely has a sense of humor in his ad, making it quite entertaining. He’s also a good looking chap, if you’re interested in taking him up on his offer.

His eBay post included this description: “Open for all suggestions female, male and others. Likes long walks and Netflix and chill.”

His stint on the popular online marketplace did not last long. Ebay ended up removing the post from the site before Hallen received any official bids on the auction. He then told CNN that it was meant to be a joke and it was a fun thing for his friends to enjoy.

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