A strike-3 call and the Dodgers win the pennant. The Los Angeles Dodgers celebrated a game-6 win and a World Series Championship on Tuesday 3-1 over the Tampa Bay Rays. After 32 years and watching clips of Kirk Gibson videos, Dodger Blue reins again.

With this pandemic season and neutral-site series, the Dodgers celebrated not in typical championship fashion, but a toned-down version with no champagne sprays in the locker room and no dogpile on the infield. If you have followed Major League Baseball for the last several years, even if it’s just for the postseason then you know that Los Angeles has led the National League for eight straight years. And it finally paid off.

After five years at the helm manager Dave Roberts: "We've heard it a lot, and we've seen a lot of highlights, and it's fantastic. But we wanna make our own mark on Dodgers' history."

LA won 43 of their 60 games and finished with the fourth-highest per-game run differential in the modern era.

According to Associated Press, Justin Turner received word of a positive COVID-19 test in the middle of their clinching victory. Turner was the first player since the playoffs began to be flagged for the coronavirus.

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