Recently there has been a rash of hacking of celebrities computers.  As a result, the hacker or hackers have secured lots of celebrity "Nude Photos".   I guess if you are a "Celebrity" you take bunches of photos of yourself and store them on your home PC with the intention that no one will ever see them.

Personally, if someone hacked my computer and stole all of my pics, all they'd have is a bunch of pictures from Mt. Rushmore, Custer State Park, & various other vacation shots.

To my knowledge that only nude photos that exist of me were taken of me in a bathtub prior to my 2nd birthday.  After that, like all native Minnesotans, we don't get naked unless the room is dark or a doctor is present.  Either way, it's nearly impossible to get pictures.

According to the latest news, one of the stars of "The Big Bang Theory", Kaley Cuoco is a recent addition to the nude pics that have been leaked online. But she plans on fighting back.

Here is the list of some of the celebs that have been hacked and had nude photos leaked:

-Ariana Grande
-Jennifer Lawrence,
-Lea Michele,
-Avril Lavigne,
-Hilary Duff,
-Selena Gomez,
-Vanessa Hudgens,
-Kate Upton,
-Kirsten Dunst,
-Teresa Palmer,
And a few others.

Scads of nude photos of celebs appeared on 4chan which is a hub for images which are posted in a somewhat anonymous fashion.   Nobody knows who put them there.

The hacker who is responsible for this heinous crime will hopefully be found and punished for his Peeping Tom ways.

According to THG, "Authorities have already launched an investigation, while the man (yes, we're assuming it's a man) responsible for the leaks has successfully incurred the wrath of nearly a dozen rich, powerful women and their millions of fans. So it seems only a matter of time before the hacker is brought to justice."

Kaley Cuoco Emmys
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