He's one of the biggest names in country music and he was just called out by one of the biggest names in convenience stores.

Kwik Trip is one of the most popular convenience stores in the upper Midwest these days. The familiar chain opened its first store in Eau Claire, Wisconsin in 1965. Its corporate headquarters are located in La Crosse, Wisconsin, and Kwik Trip says it owns over 875 separate convenience stores in WisconsinMinnesota, and Michigan, as well as stores known as Kwik Star in states like Iowa, Illinois, and South Dakota.

The massive chain employs over 35,000 people, as well, and has its own bakery, kitchens, dairy, distribution, and transportation divisions. These allow Kwik Trip to produce much of the food items it serves, which are delivered to each local Kwik Trip store every day.

And while it may be based over in Wisconsin, Kwik Trip has a fairly decent footprint here in the North Star State: Kwik Trip says it has 66 different locations here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, from Two Harbors along the North Shore to Paynesville and Wilmar west of the Twin Cities and Harmony and Spring Grove in far southeast Minnesota.

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Kwik Trip also has a very active (and incredibly funny) social media presence. Their X (formerly Twitter) page says "We roast more than our coffee..." and that's surely true, as they just took country star Keith Urban to task in a recent post.

Here's what happened: Urban had appeared at Wisconsin's popular Summerfest in Milwaukee on June 29th. But while he was onstage, he was spotted wearing a t-shirt with Bucee the Beaver on it-- the logo and mascot of Buc-ee's, a chain of department/convenience store/gas stations based in Texas.

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Buc-ee's are very common throughout the southern part of the country, but the chain said last year it would build its first Wisconsin store in DeForest, outside Madison, though financial disagreements have since delayed those plans, according to this Channel 3000 story.

'Buc-ees ain't your color' Kwik Trip said in the post that tagged Urban, referencing the song Blue Ain't Your Color, a number-one hit from his 2016 album Ripcord. So far, there's apparently been no comment or follow-up from Urban or his team.

Both Kwik Trip and Buc-ee's are big chains that are expanding. In fact, Kwik Trip said they opened 23 new locations last year alone. That's the opposite of the following beloved chains, all of which have gone out of business and aren't around anymore in any location. Keep scrolling to see how many you remember!

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