No, this is not a joke!

Some things in sports are unpredictable, and some are downright goofy.

The Sioux City Explorers currently own a record of 24-27 on the season and were recently in need of some help on the mound.

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It's not unusual for a team to inquire about former players' availability; but when one of the former players is a current politician, it isn't likely to be successful.

But this time around, it just happened to work out.

Per an extensive write up from Sporting News, current Iowa State Representative J.D. Scholten has recently been called to the mound by his former team:

Iowa state representative J.D. Scholten (D) just pitched a strong outing after a 17-year hiatus from American baseball.


Scholten played baseball in various independent leagues from 2003-07, pitching for Sioux City for the majority of the time.


His first appearance back in his home state went as well as one could have hoped: a 6.2-inning performance where he struck out two and gave up seven hits and two runs.

It's an impressive feat, as Scholten is 44 years old and has been away from professional baseball for well over a decade.

As for his next appearance, it might not be too far away:

He pitched 6.2 strong innings on July 6 and signed with the Explorers on July 7, so it's very possible more Scholten mound appearances are in the future.

To his credit, Scholten, despite his lengthy absence from pro baseball, has compiled a pretty impressive record on the mound. Per the Sporting News article, Scholten owns a career pitching record of 18-11.

Just in case you're itching for a chance to see the politician on the mound here in Sioux Falls soon, the Explorers take on the Canaries at the Bird Cage from August 27th to the 29th.

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