It doesn't get much more subjective than what people like and dislike when it comes to food.

For every item you love there is someone out there who thinks it's garbage while another person's 'go to dish' is something you would never be caught dead eating!

It all opinion after all.

But that doesn't mean there aren't some VERY strong feelings out there about food.

Take the website for instance. They're out with their list of 18 States With The Worst Food Ever with the following explanation:

'If you want a vacation full of good food, do not go to any of these 18 states. These US states have the absolute worst food in the country. From weird salads to strange meat dishes, you do not want to eat these odd state specialties. Avoid them at all costs!'

Two of the states in our area landed on the hit list.

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This staple of the State Fair in the Hawkeye State was a no-go for the staff at Spatula Desserts:

'Fried foods are always pretty tasty, but frying butter just seems pointless and extremely unhealthy. People in Iowa like to coat slabs of butter in the batter and then deep fry it until it is golden brown. The result is a hollow fried dough that will likely give you a heart attack due to the high quantity of fats.'

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They are casting a pretty wide net here with their disdain for the one thing the North Star State is best known for. So many things qualify as 'hotdish' in the Minnesota vernacular. And let's be honest, not all of them are good.

Spatula Dessert's take:

'No two Minnesota hotdish meals are the same. That is because there is no real recipe. A hotdish is just a combination of all the leftovers you have in your fridge mixed into a casserole dish and baked. Who knows what hotdish tastes like (since it is always different), but we hope we never find out.'

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  • ALABAMA- Ambrosia Salad
  • ALASKA- Akutaq
  • ARIZONA - Cactus Fries
  • CALIFORNIA - Donut Burger
  • COLORADO - Shredded Wheat
  • CONNECTICUT - Steamed Cheeseburgers
  • FLORIDA- Boiled Peanuts
  • IDAHO - Potato Ice Cream
  • Kentucky - Lamb Fries
  • MAINE - Tomalley
  • MASSACHUSSETS - Fluffernutter
  • MISSISSIPPI - Koolickle
  • NEBRASKA - Hot Beef Sundae
  • NORTH DAKOTA - Lutefisk
  • UTAH - Pickle Pie

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