It's frightening how much you can spend on Halloween. In fact, you may not even realize how much you're spending. According to WalletHub, Halloween has become the third most expensive holiday in the United States, right behind Christmas and Valentine's Day.

Collectively, we spend somewhere around $9-billion a year on the holiday, which boils down to roughly $100 per household. That's when you factor in the cost of candy, decorations, costumes, things like that. Over $3-billion alone will be spent on Halloween costumes, and nearly $2.6-billion on candy.

To read more fun and interesting facts surrounding Halloween, go to the WalletHub website '2018 Halloween Facts: Tricks and Treats by the Numbers.' WalletHub also put together a list of 'Best Places For Halloween." There you'll find the top 100 cities ranked according to 'friendliness' and 'fun.'

Source: WalletHub

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