At some point, we hope all the legal measures can be hand-waved away, so CBS can finally come out and admit that their 'Hawaii Five-0' reboot was merely a ploy to get the cast of 'LOST' back together and continue the series.  For now, we'll keep on pretending as Jeff Fahey (Frank Lapidus) is the latest 'LOST' vet to join the tropical crime procedural, appearing in an upcoming episode?  Who might the former 'LOST' pilot play, and will he ever get off the island?

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Joining the ranks of Daniel Dae Kim, Terry O'Quinn, and Tania Raymonde, another 'LOST' veteran is headed back to the island...of Hawaii.  According to Kim's Twitter, former 'LOST' star Jeff Fahey will appear in an upcoming episode of 'Hawaii Five-0,' looking rather like his burnt-out pilot character Frank Lapidus.

It remains unknown who Fahey will actually play in the CBS procedural's third season, though the actor will likely be featured in an early 2013 episode.  Fahey is the latest 'LOST' star to make their way through the similarly Hawaii-based series, following Tania Raymonde (Alex Rousseau)'s guest turn, Terry O'Quinn (John Locke)'s more prominent season 2 role, and of course, series star Daniel Dae Kim himself.

Take a look at Kim's photo of the two back in action below, and tell us what other 'LOST' stars you'd like to see on 'Hawaii Five-0!'

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