After President Donald Trump's State of the Union address the South Dakota leaders had the opportunity to express their thoughts.

Below is how they responded according to Dakota News Now.

Senator John Thune

“I share the president’s optimism about the opportunities that lie ahead – that America’s brightest days are yet to come,” said Thune. “I look forward to working with the administration and with my colleagues in Congress to continue building on the pro-growth, pro-jobs, and pro-national security agenda the American people elected us to pursue. We will prioritize policies to help maintain America’s competitive edge in the 21st century and beyond. We will continue working to strengthen America’s families and small businesses, and that includes focusing on everything from education to health care to retirement. We must also do everything that we can to fully fund our national defense and ensure that the United States military remains the best-prepared, best-equipped fighting force on the planet. I am committed to putting in the hard work – with Republicans and Democrats – to prove that while there are times when Washington might seem broken beyond repair that America’s brightest days are ahead of us. The American people expect and deserve nothing less.”

Senator Mike Rounds

“The American dream is alive and well thanks to the policies we’ve been able to enact during President Trump’s time in office. Tonight, the president took the opportunity to outline many of these successes: a booming economy, lower taxes, record-low unemployment, a strong military and new trade deals that will benefit our farmers, ranchers and manufacturers.”

“He also laid out a vision for the future that is pro-growth, pro-family, pro-life and pro-security. These values are South Dakota values. I look forward to continuing to work with President Trump and my colleagues on these and other issues to keep our country free and make it stronger and more prosperous for generations to come.”

Representative Dusty Johnson

“The economy is hotter than a pistol,” said Johnson. “More than 35,000 South Dakotans have been lifted out of poverty in the last few years and manufacturing wages have increased 9 percent this year alone. We all know there’s more work to be done. Congress and the administration need to work together to reduce the cost of prescription drugs for Americans and stop surprise medical billing, secure our border, and continue to establish robust trade agreements for South Dakota farmers and ranchers. I will continue to be a strong partner to ensure these goals are accomplished.”

Governor Kristi Noem

“Tonight, President Trump delivered a strong and inspiring message to the American people. Our country is strong, and our President is laser-focused on creating a better future for businesses and families.

“President Trump’s bold leadership has made a tremendous impact on South Dakota. Since he took office, 16,000 jobs have been created in our state and new business applications have risen by 24 percent. We’ve secured two international trade agreements that create more stability for farmers and ranchers. Taxes are lower, and families are reaping the benefits of expanded opportunity. This is progress that can only come when the state and federal governments work together and prioritize the next generation. I look forward to continuing to partner with President Trump as we work to make the American Dream a reality in South Dakota and across the country.”

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