If you're the superstitious type, and don't take the observance of Friday the 13th lightly, you may want to consider ditching your basic cable package sometime in the near future.

On the heels of news that the CW might add an adaptation of post-World War II romance The Notebook to its future lineup, Deadline has reported that the network is potentially developing a Friday the 13th series based on the collection of horror films, too.

Friday the 13th, which first hit theaters in 1980, centers on a hockey mask-wearing, machete-wielding serial killer named Jason Voorhees who gets his kicks terrorizing campsites and vacation homes. Deadline says the series, if given the green light, would be rooted in more of a "grounded reality," and follow a detective's search for his missing brother, who's somehow tied to Voorhees. The villain would be "a long thought dead serial killer who has now returned to wreak havoc in the new Crystal Lake," the site says.

The most recent Friday the 13th film, 2009's Friday the 13th, was the series' twelfth installment, and reimagined the series' first four films as a single movie. It earned nearly $100 million worldwide.

Steve Mitchell and Craig Van Sickle have been tapped as writers for the project.

Would you watch a Friday the 13th TV show? Tell us if you think the CW is moving in the right direction with its latest potential venture.

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