Here in Sioux Falls, we are blessed to have hundreds of wonderful restaurants to choose from, whenever hunger strikes. The question for most of us when picking a place to dine is usually, "what am I hungry for?" The answer, while being difficult, is almost always satisfying, no matter what you go with.

To try and ensure the survival of many beloved eateries in Downtown Sioux Falls, the city has now designated "Carryout Parking" near these businesses. You will see the signs attached directly to parking meters and will remain there until further notice.

Another suggestion that has been made regarding local businesses, restaurants, bars, etc., is to buy gift cards or certificates that can then be used in the future.

We've had a thriving economy in Sioux Falls for so long, that it is hard to imagine anything but. If we all make a concerted effort to support our businesses through this historic and unprecedented difficult period, the hope is that we come out on the other side, as strong as ever.

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