In what Facebook claims is "a pre-emptive attempt" to stop people from posting revenge porn photos of their current or former significant others without consent, they are asking people to send in their nude photos, themselves.

You're not the only one thinking, "wait a minute - -what?!!"

I swear, I'm not making this up. But don't worry they're not unleashing this program on an unsuspecting American public right now. They are giving the program a test-run in Australia, of all places.

Facebook users are asked to send their naughty pictures to themselves via Messenger. Facebook will then build an "au naturel" database (if you will) of those snapshots. Using that information, they will then be able to block future unauthorized use of said compromising images.

Facebook's Australian customer support team has been viewing the photos sent in to determine if they are indeed sensitive, then they are "hashed" (given a digital footprint) and deleted. This hashing technology has also been used previously to battle internet child porn.

Apparently, the big concern is the sending and receiving of the photos. If the system isn't absolutely secure, they could be hacked prior to digitizing.

Security experts are stating the obvious, that while more needs to be done, in terms of making the internet safer; when it comes to preventing these types of images from being used to hurt and embarrass their subjects, perhaps people simply should not take them. Now there's a novel idea!

Source: Newsweek

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