Dakota News Now is reporting that an explosion has occurred at the high school in Miller, South Dakota. Miller is a town of about 1500 people that is about 2 and a half hours from Sioux Falls.

Miller High School was evacuated immediately after the explosion. All students and faculty have been accounted for and no injuries have been reported at this time.

The Deputy Chief of Police was in contact with reporter Cooper Seamer at Dakota News Now and indicated "a large police and fire presence" was arrived at the school following the incident.

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Map of Miller, South Dakota
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Wayne Ames, who is the Miller Deputy Chief of Police also communicated that they believed the explosion was in the shop area of the school, but there has been no exclusive confirmation of that.

Police and fire department officials will be investigating to determine the origin and cause of the explosion that rocked the school.

Miller High School has 103 students and 12 faculty members and has attained some notable distinctions and awards. This includes being among the top 50% of high schools in South Dakota in overall test scores.

As for graduation rates, they rank in the top 20% of the state. These accomplishments put Miller High School in 72nd place out of 113 South Dakota high schools according to US News.

One of the highlights US News pointed to was the fact that Miller High School offers  Advanced Placement coursework and exams.

Dakota News Now indicated that this is a developing situation and as information becomes available they will report it.


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