Dachshunds are kind of like Hallmark, they love to start the Christmas celebration early! And you're invited! Saturday, July 24 at the Special Olympics Unify Center at 800 E. I-90 Lane in Sioux Falls wiener dog lovers are throwing a bash from 11 AM until 3 PM!

This event is a fundraiser to support the little low riders that are currently being cared for by Dakota Dachshund Rescue or DDR.

DDR is a private charitable organization completely run by volunteers. These people love the little sausage doodles and provide foster homes for "abandoned, abused, and unwanted dachshunds".

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DDR foots the bill for all medical and behavioral care for each of the dogs that are rescued. They quite often will take in other breeds of dogs in need of forever homes too, like a Boston Terrier:

Anna the Boston Terrier
Courtesy Dakota Dachshund Rescue

A Bichon Frise:

Glow the Bichon Frise
Courtesy Dakota Dachshund Rescue

Or even a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel:

Penny the King Charles Cavalier
Courtesy Dakota Dachshund Rescue

But their focus is on Dachshunds of every size, color & personality.

Barney, Dax, and Henry
Courtesy Dakota Dachshund Rescue

Dakota Dachshund Rescue will have all kinds of dog merchandise for sale (all breeds, not just dachshunds), plus there will be raffles and a silent auction with a lot of wonderful things on it and you can also purchase lunch if you get the "hungries" while you're shopping.

Dachsies are intelligent, lively, comical, confident and courageous dogs.  They are hunters.  They can be difficult to housebreak, and they have a tendency to be barkers.  Dachsies are also faithful, versatile, stubborn, adorable, and we think irresistible! - -DDR

All proceeds raised from "Christmas in July" will support the rescue efforts of Dakota Dachshund Rescue now and in the future.

Source: Dakota Dachshund Rescue 

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