Construction on Arrowhead Parkway has been a perpetual theme over the last few years as a huge chunk gets a makeover in 2018. The modifications will further enhance the population growth as the city expands to the east.

Back in 2014, a joint state/city project rebuilt the intersection of 10th Street and Sycamore Avenue. A couple years of rest has given way to the two-year undertaking from east of the aforementioned junction out to Highway 11 and Veteran’s Parkway.

For about three months last year, from near Highline Avenue going east, the construction was hot and heavy. This year the new road continues west toward Sycamore Avenue.

Instead of two lanes of traffic in each direction with a turning lane, there is currently only one lane going either direction. Note the potential hazards going eastbound as the drop off from the edge of the pavement is about two feet. At least you have the curb for westbound cars, but overall try to be a good neighbor to your fellow drivers and give each other enough room to navigate. When it’s done Arrowhead Parkway will be wider with six lanes of traffic and a median.

As a corollary to the project, Foss Avenue on the east side of the project is closed as the city needs to complete a water main connection in that area. That wrinkle will just take a couple of days. However, the completion of Arrowhead Parkway will be sometime this fall.

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