I love anything pumpkin and I always have- -with the possible exception of my mom's pumpkin cookies. She would make them around Halloween and we'd get two of them in our lunch for what seemed like forever!

Her recipe produced approximately 8-thousand cookies and after a week's worth of them, they would find their way to the lunchroom trashcan. I'm sure most pumpkin aficionados would have loved them, they were very moist and she would add her favorite, walnuts, to them. Too much of a good thing, for me, I guess.

Years later I improved on Mom's recipe by adding chocolate and oatmeal and I again found my love of pumpkin cookies, as well as my love of everything else with pumpkin flavoring!

Pumpkin flavored products
Patty Dee

As you can see from the picture above, I'm willing to try any food product with that magic word "pumpkin" in its name. So far, in this group I love the bagels and the coffee. I have not sampled the Oreos, baking chips or pancake mix yet. The Pumpkin Cheesecake cookies were horrendous! They were simply a vehicle for sugar and not "pumpkiny" at all. So of course I did what I usually do- -brought the rest of them to work today. Someone found them tolerable, as they are all gone.

As for the rest of these tempting-looking products. . .I'll let you know.