After owning up to his own mistake, Dakota Wesleyan head basketball coach Matt Wilber has found himself Twitter famous.

Hey, we've all been there before. One moment you're seated on a chair, stand up, go to sit back down and end up falling straight on your butt. Maybe a friend pulled the old practical joke, or it was just a mistake that hopefully, nobody else saw.

For DWU head coach Wilber, he had that moment take place while coaching in a game. Instead of trying to hide from it, Wilber has used it as an opportunity to show his courage by placing it on Twitter...

The original tweet has been liked by more than 36.4 thousand people on Twitter. Wilber entered uncharted territory after being picked up by famous Twitter accounts Rex Chapman, Someone's an Idiot, Yahoo Sports, and former Nebraska coach Tim Miles.

Then the regular public also grabbed on to the fun.

Rumor has it that DWU has experienced an uptick in recruiting questionnaires following Wilber displaying his courage by putting himself out there on Twitter.

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