In Indiana there is a bill that would require all public school districts and all accredited private elementary schools to teach cursive.

The lawmaker presenting the bill says her bill is based on studies that show teaching cursive benefits the brain development of children.

"There are some really significant studies that show that there's a relationship between brain development; the hand movements used in handwriting activate regions of the brain that are associated with thinking and short term memory."

I remember learning cursive at Horace Mann elementary school here in Sioux Falls. I recall how everyone's cursive looked the same for a short while then, boom, so no one could copy your signature, all cursive was il·leg·i·ble.

My cursive was among the best in the nation among guys 12-54 thanks actually in part by influence by my dad. He had great cursive writing and penmanship. It sadly has fallen off the quality ledger now, but is still readable and decipherable.

The learning of cursive writing is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. We are all dazzled by computer technology and apparently indifferent to what will be lost. I can give an electronic signature now for a child's college student loan.

How is your cursive, how is the cursive writing of your kids?

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