Why wouldn't the homes people plan to buy, build, or remodel reflect some of the lessons learned during this pandemic? Almost everything else in our world has been affected in some way by this situation.

When your home becomes your office, gym, or your child's school, it is not unexpected that you'd want more room, some dedicated spaces, and some other pertinent or practical changes.

For many Europeans, bidets are not only a standard way of life, many countries require them by law. Here in the U.S. - -not so much. And while they'll never be legislated here, people are coming around to their benefits.

Due to the Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020, companies that make and market bidets have seen a boost to their bottom lines. (Sorry, I couldn't resist!) More homebuyers are seeing them as a necessity, along with smart bathroom technology items like touchless toilets.

Something I've never really cared for is the open floor plan that has been a staple of home design for decades. You couldn't watch a home buying or remodeling show on HGTV without the prospective client mentioning that they wanted the "open floor concept". Well now, that may be changing.

Having the capability to self-isolate from other family members became very important over the last 6 months, and thanks to the continuing unknowns of our current crisis, will continue to be so.

Bigger lots are becoming more desirable for the same reason; more space between you and other people. Multi-generational homes are becoming popular due to the fact that people didn't like being separated from loved ones living in senior communities.

Finally, because more people have been avoiding shopping in stores and e-commerce has climbed to new levels, not to mention the fact that porch pirates have been very busy lately, designers are being asked to add safe package drop-off areas to homes.

Source: Livability

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