I've had this conversation, a lot, with my male co-workers, who at times seem obsessed with this subject. Peanut butter - creamy or crunchy (also referred to as smooth or chunky)? Many come staunchly down on the creamy side, others the crunchy.

I have found throughout my life, that not only do I love both, but I must have a jar of each, so I can properly dress the food product I'm hungry for. For instance,

  • Celery- - crunchy
  • PB & J sandwich on soft wheat or white bread - - creamy. On a side note, there is another whole discussion about the kind of jam or jelly you should have on a pb&j sandwich, with most people falling into the grape jelly, strawberry jam camp. I, however, also love raspberry jam and jelly, as well as apple jelly and our friend Linda Tom's Christmas jam - -heavenly!
  • French Toast bagel - - crunchy
  • Homemade peanut noodles - Either smooth or chunky, depending on the mood you're in.
  • PB cookies - Smooth for plain peanut butter cookies, chunky for PB cookies with chocolate chips or chunks.
  • Apples - Creamy, because chunky just globs on, or falls off.

I could make a longer list, but you get the idea.

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A recent survey by OnePoll on behalf of Jif revealed certain personality traits are associated with the kind of peanut butter you prefer.

63% of those who prefer crunchy peanut butter describe themselves as optimists, compared to 56% who prefer creamy. Additionally, creamy peanut butter fans tend to be early birds and more introverted compared to crunchy fans, who are likely night owls and extroverted.

Single people who were surveyed even indicated that if a person they were considering dating or had already dated, did not share their peanut butter preference, it could be a dealbreaker.

There you have it. Proof positive that the road to peanut butter bliss is not always smooth, sometimes it's bumpy (or chunky).

Source: Better Homes & Gardens

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