The last weekend of October brings a few things you need to take care of before enjoying your favorite pastime, hobby, or entertaining. That to-do or honey-do list can be combined in one afternoon leaving you plenty of time to sit back and relax.

Circling back we endured significant snowfall, the last of our fresh tomatoes and outdoor flowers, the opening of pheasant hunting and deer seasons, and the scrambling to fill out absentee ballots. And, high numbers of COVID-19. So as you get ready to turn the page to November what will you be doing this weekend?

To start, finish up with the Halloween decorations and stocking up for Trick-or-Treaters ringing the doorbell on Saturday. Boo! With the nice weather expected in Sioux Falls, you should have plenty of costumed neighborhood kids. And before you turn-in for bed remember to set your clocks back one hour. Daylight Savings Time ends and we fall back for an extra hour of slumber.

If you're not huddled around the TV on Sunday the weather will be nice to dismantle the ghosts, pumpkins, and black cat displays and exchange them for Christmas lights. Yep, just remember next month at this same time, the last weekend of November. We could be dealing with ice and snow. That's when that little voice over your shoulder will become a brain worm saying, "Why didn't you put up the lights when the weather was much nicer?"

And as long as you will be stringing lights on the house you may as well take your leaf blower with you and clean your gutters one last time.

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