You could say that the future success of our world is directly related to children's health. Healthy children learn better, communicate better, achieve more, become healthy adults, who can strive to fulfill their potential.

The National Institutes of Health indicates that there has been an increasing focus on children's health.

Children have begun to be recognized not only for who they are today but for their future roles in creating families, powering the workforce, and making American democracy work.

For all of these reasons, Falls Community Health, here in Sioux Falls, is reminding us, that February is both National Children's Oral Health Month and National School-Based Health Awareness Month.

Falls Community Health has its location downtown (521 N. Main Ave), of course, but did you know they also have clinics located in three Sioux Falls elementary schools? I certainly didn't!

The clinics are located in Hawthorne, Hayward, and Terry Redlin Elementary. They provide medical and dental services to students, school staff members, and community members. One of the great advantages of these clinics is that children can be cared for, without parents having to take time off from work to take them to health appointments.

Health problems lead to children missing millions of school days every year. The goal of Falls Community Health is to provide access to affordable health care services right in the schools.

Additionally, Falls Community Health aims to improve the lives of Sioux Falls community members, by offering primary, quality health care, while taking into account not only their clients' physical health but their mental and economic status, as well.

For more information see Falls Community Health online or call to make an appointment for your child or yourself today. You can reach the medical clinics at 605-367-8793 and the Dental Clinic at 605-367-8022.

Sources: Falls Community Health, City of Sioux Falls, and the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

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