Sioux Falls Police Department Public Information Officer Sam Clemens says a local woman fell victim to the jury duty scam.

"We had a woman that received a phone call from somebody claiming she missed jury duty. There were actually a couple of people on the line. They told the woman there was a fine that was involved. The amount started at 800 dollars and went down to five hundred dollars. They were able to convince the woman the call was legitimate. They convinced her she needed to get prepaid credit cards."

That's just what the Sioux Falls woman did!

"Unfortunately, the victim went to a store and purchased the prepaid cards for five hundred dollars. She then gave the scammers the number over the phone. After that she went down to the courthouse to talk with somebody. That's when she learned it was a scam. She had not missed any jury duty."

If you get one of these calls, Clemens says the best thing you can do is to hang up the phone.

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