Baking bread is an art. Anyone who has mastered it, (like my sisters) will say, "Oh it's no big deal!", but I disagree.

In study after study, the smell of baking bread is always one of peoples' favorite aromas, followed by other items like baking cinnamon rolls, (another kind of bread).

I've always found that baking is a good way to relieve stress. When a bread recipe says "punch down dough", I hit it like an Avenger on a mission, like it committed some sort of heinous crime! That's right, I show it no mercy whatsoever!

But where was I? Oh yeah, the best bread bakeries in our tri-state area.

Love Food is an award-winning food blog with recipes, opinions, expert commentary, and more, so they've done the research on this one, and have chosen the winners for this delicious food category.

South Dakota's Best Bread Bakery (according to Love Food) is - -Baker's Bakery & Cafe in Custer. 

It is a combo diner and bakery, famous for its delicious breakfasts and even its hamburger buns are homemade, in-house.

I would never say something mean about a place I've never been to, I'm sure Baker's Bakery  & Cafe is outstanding. But, I wish Love Food had made its way to our side of the state. I can think of 5 amazing bakeries in this part of the world without even working at it!

Iowa's Best Bread Bakery is - -Sykora Bakery in Cedar Rapids

A  family-owned landmark, that has been serving customers their famous Rye bread, houska, kolaches, and more since 1903.

Minnesota's Best Bread Bakery is - - Aki's Bread Haus in Minneapolis

It's a German-style bakery famous for goodies like walnut bread, pretzels, bagels, and pretzel sticks, as well as sweet bread and other mouth-watering pastries.

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