Mama' estoy aburrida! Papa, je m'ennuie! Mama, mir ist langweilig! Papa, sono annoiata! Mom, I'm bored!

Yup, that phrase is universal and currently being heard by parents around the globe from children who seemingly have completely lost their imaginations due to the coronavirus outbreak.

So for parents who are currently on the verge of social distancing, cabin fever-induced insanity, take heart, there really are a million things your kids can be doing to make the time go by and have fun while it does.

Some activities are old standbys, like building a cardboard fort, or a fort out of blankets, board games, jigsaw puzzles, and bingo. Some are a lot more involved, but, equally easy to implement, like a scavenger hunt or teaching your kids how to shoot and edit videos.

Here are a few more ideas and links to other resources too.

  • Start a family book club - You all read the same book and then discuss, or Read at Home Bingo.
  • Listen to podcasts - There are tons of kid-friendly podcasts your kids will love & they're awesome at inspiring even more imaginitive pursuits.
  • Bake together - A lot of people are already trying new recipes, techniques, and tools, and there is no reason you shouldn't include your kids in the fun.
  • Bird and animal watch in your neighborhood.
  • Learn - About bugs, space, dance, sewing, making kites, or another language
  • Grow things - Start an herb garden
  • Make a sensory rice bin (I love this one!) - Dye rice all the different colors of the rainbow, then let your child dive in with scoopers. You can even hide other small toys or prizes in the rice that the kids have to dig out.
  • Take virtual tours - You can visit places you may have never been, using Google Earth, or zoo, aquarium, and national park websites.
  • San Diego Zoo Live Cams - Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!
  • Georgia Aquarium Live Beluga Cam - These white whales are adorable and fascinating! They also have jellyfish, piranha, and California sea lion live cams, among others.
  • Louvre Museum, Paris France - Take tours of one of the world's best art museums.
  • Yellowstone and Glacier National Park - If you've never been to two of my favorite National treasures, go virtually!
  • African Wildlife Cam - It's a virtual safari!

This is but a very short list of millions of ideas, so before the "b" word comes out of your child's mouth, turn to some of these resources.

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