Unfortunately, you just know that someone, somewhere in our fair country will do exactly what they've been told over and over again, not to do, during the upcoming solar eclipse; look directly at the amazing celestial happening.

With that in mind, and realizing that the likelihood of that person or persons paying any attention to yet another list of warnings is slight; I'll share what I discovered on the Today and NASA websites about some very common sense things you should not do during Monday's eclipse.

  • Leave the photographs to the professional photographers, if you're going to watch the eclipse, watch it! Don't try & get pics on your smartphone, because that's not very smart.
  • Don't try some strange technique you heard about "from some guy on the internet" to watch the eclipse. (No, a beer bottle won't protect your eyes, no matter how dark it is!)
  • Don't put your eclipse glasses on and look through "binoculars, a camera, telescope or other optical device, as the concentrated solar rays will damage the filter in your glasses and damage your eyes".
  • It is okay to remove your filtered glasses only during the brief moments when (and if) the sun is completely eclipsed where you are. If you are unsure do not remove them.

For more information and tips go to NASA and Today online.

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