Watertown police have a 62-year-old man in custody on various charges including child abuse.

KSFY TV is reporting that 62-year-old David Martin was arrested Monday, (May 21) after his 3-year-old grandson was found wandering through a neighborhood unsupervised.

Authorities told KSFY they received a report on Monday of a young boy walking around without supervision. After searching a Watertown neighborhood, police eventually found the young boy, then attempted to locate the child's guardian, but were unsuccessful.

According to KSFY, the boy was temporarily turned over to Child Protection Services who provided the child with a medical checkup.

After further investigation, KSFY says that police received a series of tips stating the child possibly lives in a home located in the neighborhood in which he was found. Authorities checked out the address and spoke with Martin who claimed he was not missing any children in his custody.

Thankfully police were able to identify the child with the aid of social media and contact the boy's parents. After a conversation with the parents, it was discovered that the boy was indeed in the custody of his grandfather, David Martin, during the time he was found wandering around.

KSFY reports that authorities once again interviewed Martin, who this time admitted he was the boy's grandfather and was responsible for the young child at the time he was discovered.

Police then arrested Martin on various charges including abuse and neglect of a minor under age 7, and obstructing law enforcement officers.

At the time of the arrest, another child was found at the residence, KSFY reports that child was also turned over to Children Protection Services for temporary custody.

Source: KSFY TV

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