With all the wild and wacky weather we've been experiencing around here lately, I guess this stat isn't all that hard to believe.

I think pretty much everyone can agree, talking about the weather can be boring, but, it does serve as the most common ice breaker when it comes to people attempting to have conversations with each other.

And if you live in the Sioux Falls area, there's been a lot of conversations about the weather lately!

According to a new survey, the average person talks about the weather four times a day, for an average of eight minutes and 21 seconds.

When you run the math, it means you end up talking about the weather for 3,047 minutes and 45 seconds per year. That works out to be 127 hours, or more than five full days.

The average person in the U.S. lives to age 78. So assuming you have 60 adult years,   you will spend more than 10 full months of your life during those 60 years talking about the weather.

If you're one of the countless thousands of people here in the Sioux Empire with water damage in your home, as a result of the heavy rains and flooding over the past few days, you probably feel like you've already spent at least 10 months talking, complaining and bitching about the weather just in the past week.

People love to complain about the weather, and the most common complaints are: it's too unpredictable, it's too cold, too hot, and it's raining. Again!

I have a feeling you can also add my sump pump failed to that complaint list around here as well!